Decision making tools

Selection of new employees or franchisee applicants, talent management, and succession planning.

The scope of the Psychometric Technologies are relevant to  the different organisational levels:

  • Management level
  • Team leader level
  • Administrative level
Franchisee Selection

The FAST (franchisee assessment and selection test) is a psychometric test battery that has been benchmarked on the profile of high performing franchisees in the QSR Industry.  It is a predictor of on job performance of a potential franchisee. 

Feedback on Tests

Feedback coaching on test results.  This feedback on a one-on-one basis ensures a two-way communication strategy in order to analyse a personís behavioural profile and opportunities for growth.  

Development and Culture Tuning tools

Executive and Management Coaching, Leadership development, 360 Degree management reviews, Team building, and Emotional intelligence workshops. The organisational level tools include Climate, Engagement and Culture Tuning Surveys.


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